Have you made a New Years resolution to have a clean and organized home? If you have made the decision to clean house and practice organized living, Simply the Best Cleaning is here for you.  As part of my services  I help my clients bring organization back in to their lives and help them maintain this new peaceful environment.

Imagine getting your home cleaned from top to bottom and then maintained on a regular schedule. Think of all the time you would have to enjoy the beautiful Napa Valley and its quaint little towns like Saint Helena and Yountville. Maybe there’s just one closet that’s been hanging over you like a dark cloud, I can help you get organized and have that closet be a ray of sunshine in the new year.

Until you are able to contact me for some help, here are some tips for you:

Organized Living Flat SurfacesOrganized Living Tip 1 Keep Flat Surfaces Clutter-free:

Papers, books, brochures and magazines tend to accumulate on flat surfaces all around the house, and the family room is no different. “You need a household information center, and the family room may be where that happens,” says Julie Morgenstern, author of Organizing from the Inside Out. In fact, the family room is often more cluttered because it’s a central gathering place in the house. A two drawer lateral file is Morgenstern’s ideal recommendation — on average she says that’s really how much paper it takes to run a home. If you don’t have the floor space, a stackable file cart will do.

Make a quick sweep of all flat surfaces by piling papers in a bin, then sorting and purging as necessary. Take a vow, and get your family to follow it, to put papers in files rather than on the coffee table.

Organized Living Tip 2 Control Out-of-Control Cords:Organized Living Cords

Until the world goes wireless, we’ll forever be stuck with tangled cables behind our entertainment centers. Fortunately, there are several options for taming cords in the family room. The most attractive is the slim Cableyoyo. It neatly coils up to six feet of cord and comes with an adhesive backing that sticks onto nearly any surface. A cable caddy usually sticks onto a desktop (or behind the TV console) and has a space for several cables to clamp into. Your cords will still dangle freely, however, so a cable zipper, which encloses all the cables in a tube, might be the best bet.

Organized Living Tip 3 Create a Play Zone:Organized Living Play Zone

If toys are taking over your family room, it’s time to put them in timeout. Unused corners of a family room transform into great play areas because the walls serve to block encroaching clutter. Corners are also good areas to put a small bookcase or children’s table. Add rolling bins for toy storage so your child doesn’t have to feel confined, but is encouraged to pick up after he or she is done playing.

That’s all for now.

Happy New Year Napa, Leilani

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