What would you do with your extra time? Imagine having professional support for your home, someone you could trust to free up a day of week of your life and help take care of things when you were away. Simply the Best Cleaning is here to help you gain some peace and serenity in your home, allowing you the freedom to do what you want to do.

Napa House Cleaning Maid Service Deep Cleaning Service

Deep Cleaning

This is where all of my clients start. Deep cleaning is a top to bottom, thorough and complete, cleaning which is meant to be followed by a weekly or biweekly cleaning program. During the deep cleaning, all your knickknacks and furniture will be cleaned under. Everything is touched, from the ceiling to the floor.

Weekly | Biweekly Cleaning

Regular cleaning is meant to maintain the cleanliness of your home achieved by the deep cleaning. When I come for a weekly or biweekly cleaning I touch everything I did during your first deep cleaning. The difference is that once everything has been scrubbed the first time maintenance takes less time and yes changing the sheets on your beds is included.


Do you look around your house and wonder where all the junk came from? Have you just moved and haven’t been able to get the move-in complete? Are your closets and cabinets busting at the seams? Home organization can be surprisingly difficult to achieve. Let me help you get a handle on your organization.

Napa House Cleaning Maid Service Pet Sitting Service

Pet Sitting

Did I mention I love animals? You AND your pets can enjoy a stress-free experience when you travel. I offer my clients full service in home pet sitting. Of course they’re welcome to come stay with me too.

Napa House Cleaning Maid Service House Sitting Service

House Sitting

Are you planning a vacation? Wondering how to ensure your home is taken care of while you are away? I can help by either living in your home while you are away or performing simple services such as gathering mail and papers, turning lights on and off, moving a car in the driveway, and taking trash containers to the curb and returning them make a house look occupied.

Napa House Cleaning Maid Service Vacation Rental Service

Vacation Rentals

Do you have a wine country vacation rental? I can help you prepare for arriving guests and clean up after your guests depart. Also, if you are thinking of turning your house into a vacation rental I can help you properly organize it so your personal items are kept safe and your guests have everything they need to enjoy their stay in wine country.